About Posh

Perfectly Posh is the best of it all.  Everything the world has to offer, while thinking locally to help build incredible women in small, social businesses in America.

  • Our product line is special. We fell in love with pampering products because YOU deserve to put nothing but the best on you, your friends, and your family. We strive for quality. We use gentle ingredients. We avoid fillers. We love natural butters and oils in abundance. It’s of the utmost importance to us that you have a pampering experience with our products. We WANT you to read our ingredient lists and labels.
  • We are a pampering brand with amazing pampering products. Don’t look for us to give you products that don’t fit, that don’t make sense, or aren’t what you signed up to share. Posh Consultants love good, quality pampering products. We won’t expect you to sell a big box store’s worth of variety to customers and friends who’ve come to look to you to pamper them.
  • We love what we do because you DESERVE to be pampered!From our incentives & awards to the products you use, to the time you spend interacting with us and beyond—you should be taken care of. You’re amazing! You give so much to others. We hope your time with Posh fills you up so that you’re able to exceed your own expectations and give more in all aspects of your life. It’s pampering with a purpose.
  • We value YOU. Whether your plans for your Posh business are large or small we are grateful for what you’ve generously given to us: your time. We strive to treat you with respect. Any contribution you make adds to our collective success and we are forever changed because of you. We hope to earn your association for a very long time.
  • Creative and fun experiences should be an expectation at Perfectly Posh. Whether it’s at an event, on Facebook, or by simply reading a label—it’s time we can make light, enjoyable, and unique.
  • We never do anything just because it’s what everyone else does. Just like you, we’re aware of a fast-changing world and are always looking for opportunities to help you be better and do more with your valuable time. Progress and innovation are an exciting opportunity for us all to keep growing.
  • Energy and fun will always abound! Life gets monotonous enough—don’t let your business. We’ll always keep exciting new products, contests, promotions, and events in front of you. Your time with Posh should always have you asking what’s next.
  • Your Perfectly Posh business is YOURS. Do it how you want within just a few simple Policies and Procedures that keep the playing field fair. This is yours. We have no business telling you how it should be done.

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