My Posh Story

My name is Chrissy Chappell & I have been a Posh Consultant for just a little while.  A brand newbie! I am recently “retired” from the Talladega County School System. I was a teacher at Sycamore Elementary School for 18 years! Due to my husband’s job in Tallassee, AL at the Thurlow Hydroelectric Plant, I am no longer at Sycamore. We moved to Tallassee July of this year.
In the move to Tallassee, while unpacking, I found a Verizon rebate card for $50 that I had forgotten I had. I was tired of moving, unpacking, stressing and I wanted to buy something to pamper myself. I messaged my friend Karen King and told her she had $50 to play with to load me up with as much Posh as she could. Oh that box of Posh!!! The day I used my last bombinator (the Happy Birthday Bomb) which happened to also be my birthday, I was sad. I was sad there weren’t any bombs left. I knew I had to be able to get my Posh more often and at a discount so……..I became a consultant! I really do LOVE their products. We all deserve to be pampered, right

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