Thursday, January 22, 2015


So, this year Posh is doing a new event called "Posh Day Away".  Several cities were chosen to host this event that promises to be fun-filled and informative.  The first thing that drew my attention? You can get a sneak-peek at the new Posh spring/summer products and get a transition kit for your business.  That's right! That means I will have some new products when I get home from Nashville!  I heard tell there are THIRTY FIVE new Posh products! Oh my posh!! 

I'm also a little excited to be hearing two Posh Pinnacle leaders (Tauscha Johanson and Lea Dalton) share their wisdom about Posh.  Not only does Posh have great product, they have GREAT leadership and training. I cant wait to come back and share what I learn!

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