Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Teach Me Tuesday-- What is Kaolin?

What is Kaolin? Kaolin is an active ingredient in many skincare products. Kaolin is a type of soft, clay-like substance that is used in commonly in masks.  It is sometimes referred to as China clay.  Kaolin continues to be a popular ingredient in beauty products due to its safe nature, absorbency, and soothing properties. 

Many facial cleansers also include kaolin as an ingredient. In these products, kaolin plays multiple roles. It is excellent for regulating the oil and moisture in skin, promoting a smoother and healthier complexion, and absorbing excess shine. Kaolin provides acne-fighting benefits to breakout-prone skin by improving skin’s balance and reducing the levels of pore-clogging oils, dirt, and toxins. Using a cleanser that contains kaolin prior to applying makeup can help to control oil production and prevent unwanted shine.

Who would benefit most from beauty products that use kaolin? Not typically used for extremely dry skin but more for combination and oily skin.  

What does Perfectly Posh have for you with the benefits of Kaolin?
"Im Shrinking" pore refining mask

What Is It?: 
A pore minimizing mask.
What Does It Do?: 
Targets and minimizes pore size with kaolin while fruit extracts tighten, soothe, and relieve irritated skin.
How To Use It: 
A unique formula of fruits and essential oils specifically targets large pores and trouble areas on your skin. Not recommended for use on entire face.

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