Monday, February 23, 2015

This post gives me the Heebee Jeebies!!

I hate feet.  I hate feet that are crusty, dusty, crackly and funky.  Don't let this happen to you this spring/summer! You know you want to show up that perfect pedicure and nice soft feet to go along with them!  Nobody wants to see feet that look like they can swoop down from the sky and catch fish out of a lake!!!  Stop the embarrassment before it even starts when you get your feet prepped with Perfectly Posh's Heebie Jeebie Foot Peel Kit.  Below are some actual photographs from real consultants.

These are flying out of the warehouse in surprisingly large numbers.  Get yours today before they are gone!  I also want to see pictures from results of you using Heebie Jeebie!!

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