Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What's New Wednesday

HUMP Day! The week is halfway over and I know everyone is ready to bring on the weekend.  But who says you have to wait until the weekend to pamper yourself?  Pamper yourself a little EACH day.  You deserve it!

What's new at Posh? A LOT! I can't even tell you how excited I am about all the new products.  22 of them to be exact.  There are new skin delicious creams, new chunk soaps, new scrubs, new masks, new foot products, a new dry oil, and even something for your lashes!  

I really can't decide which one I'm most anxious to try.  If you are brand new to posh and not quite ure your ready to jump on board, I'd say try a chunk soap. I hear you saying you're not a bar soap fan, I really do!  I wasn't either.  Neither was my husband.  Posh's chunk soaps are different.  They are very moisturizing, long-lasting, mildly-but-lastingly (I made that up) scented and rinse off easily!  I also know that you can buy a bar of soap at a cheaper price but, you will be disappointed!  First of all, the soaps from the stores are full of sulfates and other harsh chemicals that make them cheap to manufacture.  Secondly, they are no where near as big as Posh's chunk.  Thirdly, they are not guaranteed to be cruelty-free.  

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